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Stock Car Rules

Rules For The Stock Car Class

The stock car class is open to all active members of pack 153. Cars should be built by the Cub Scouts with some adult guidance. Any technical assistance should be fully explained to the Cub Scout so that he can use that knowledge on future projects. Groups are encouraged to work together to share tools and abilities. Decorating the cars is up to the imagination of the boys.        

This class is designed for the cub scouts to have fun and take pride in building their own cars. It is more about fun than competition. 

The Basics

All entries in the derby will start with the "Official Grand Prix Pinewood Derby Kit" which includes the body, 4 axles, and 4 wheels.  All nine pieces MUST be used before the car can race.


  • Maximum width - 2-3/4"
  • Maximum Length - 7"
  • Minimum width between wheels - 1-3/4 (this allows for clearance for the center guide strip on the track.)
  • Minimum bottom clearance underneath the body (so it does not rub on the track guide) - 3/8"
  • Cars must be no more than 3.5" high to fit under the finish gate.
  • Additional wood may be added to the car for shape and style but the overall dimension may not exceed those listed below. 
  • No prefabricated body shapes or kits should be used.
  • Maximum Weight - Not over 5 Ounces The official race scale that is used at car check-in shall be considered final.


  • Only official Cub Scout Grand Prix Pinewood Derby wheels and axles are permitted.
  • The wheels may not be cut, drilled, beveled or rounded. You may remove the seams and imperfections from the wheels. Beveling, tapering, thin sanding, wafering, or lathe turning of the wheels is prohibited. The decorative dots on the wheel treads may not be removed. 
  • Wheel bearings, washers, and bushings are prohibited.

Axles and Suspension

  • The car shall not ride on springs.
  • Only dry lubricant is permitted.
  • Only official Cub Scout Grand Prix Pinewood Derby axles are permitted. 
  • Imperfections on the axles may be removed and the axles may be polished and straightened.
  • Axles may not be impregnated with any low friction coatings.
  • No grooving is allowed on the axles.

Final Details

  • Details, such as steering wheel and driver are permissible as long as these details do not exceed the maximum length, width and weight specifications.
  • Lighting and illumination may be added if desired. LED's are recommended and parent should help with wiring and battery handling for safety.
  • Motors, engines, or other propulsion may not be used.